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annual plants
the best alternative to wood

Annual plants complete their carbon regeneration cycle from growth to harvest within one year, while trees take multiple years up to decades. The global availability of annual plants is huge, considering multi-million tons of harvesting by-products like cereal straw and other field crops. Best quality Fibers365 products are generated from sweet grass stalks, including cereals like wheat or rice as well as miscanthus and canary grass grown in biomass plantations or natural reed stocks and many others. However there is much wider variety of suitable plants and by-products with interesting fiber properties for special applications: hemp, hops, maize, alfalfa, tobacco, EFB,...


the SteamFiber technology
chem-free production 
of cellulose and lignin 

Our patented SteamFiber process combines hydrothermal biomass conversion with a rapid steam expansion step (RSE), followed by purpose-designed refining and water-saving washing cycles. The entire process waives any acidic or caustic chemicals, also no organic solvents etc. are added to the feedstock. It is just the impact of heat, pressure and mechanical refining that create our unique Fibers365 SETMP cellulose pulp and Lignin365.


more than fibers
cellulose pulp and 2G feedstock

Fibers365 cellulose pulp is a high quality alternative fresh-fiber for packaging, tissue, fiber molding and many more pulp & paper applications. Its high-grade fibrillation results from the unique combination of hydrothermal disaggregation and Rapid Steam Expansion (RSE). 

Fibers365 cellulose pulp from wheat straw shows strength properties similar to short fiber / hardwood pulp, and in some applications even replaces softwood pulp.

This new cellulose standard we call SETMP (R) - Steam Expanded Thermo-Mechanical Pulp.


Used as 2G Feedstock for fermentation of PHA, lipids and many more biochemical applications Fibers365 cellulose provides optimized pentose and hexose yields after enzymatic conversion.

Fibers365 products


highly functional 

Our unique Lignin365 is dissolved from annual plant-based fibers under controlled mild thermal conditions and without using any process chemicals.

The result is highly functional, sulphur-free Lignin365, best extracted from sweet grasses like wheat, miscanthus or reed. 

Lignin365 is a highly valuable product, suitable for compounding, coatings, films, filaments, thermoplastic materials and many other applications.

Lignin365 products

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