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the Fibers365 mission
sustainable and high quality
non wood cellulose and biopolymers 

We at Fibers365 have developed the unique SteamFiber Technology, which enables us to produce chem-free non wood cellulose pulp and biopolymers from annual plants on high quality level. Our goal is to establish a worldwide infrastructure of de-centralized SteamFiber plants, serving the industry with the most sustainable Fibers365 products:

Cellulose fibers for pulp & paper, compounding and biotechnological applications as well as the highly innovative Lignin365 and other biopolymers as a future alternative for mineral oil-based materials. For our landmark projects we team up with leading agro-industrial companies, the processing industry as well as regional farmers and bioenergy producers and green investors.


the Fibers365 Team 
excellence from pulp & paper meets 
innovative biomass technology

At Fibers365 experts from the fields of pulp and paper technology met engineering and plant construction specialists from the environmental and bioenergy sector and merged into a creative and powerful team with comprehensive competence and experience.

A deep knowledge of non-wood fibers and paper production combined with unique knowhow in hydrothermal biomass conversion and biological processes drive Fibers365's continuous development. 

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